Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Midwest blues

I should know better than to listen to the Puppet for travel advice. He told me that we should go to Chicago to escape the blizzard heading our way on Broadway. I normally wouldn't go to any second rate city, but I thought since it was in the mid WEST it would be warmer. I needed to revive my skin, which had been taking on an appalling reddish hue. I blame a groupon discount facial I had at a Chinatown spa--unfortunately, I purchased 200 of them. So we took our meager Christmas money (Grandmother keeps talking about the recession, but I don't see her selling any of her K-47's to pay her mortage) and here we are.

In addition to the frigid temperatures and snow, the wind has made a disaster of my hair. The Puppet refused to help me hold my hairstyle in place, insisting that he stay in my pocket to keep warm. We ducked into a rather large gothic looking building where I thought we could run laps indoors. Sadly, the Field Museum is an actual museum featuring old bones and dirty, dusty old things with lots of children running around. Appalling.

I did, however, make a wonderful discovery. We were herded into the Sue the T Rex robotics exhibit. I looked positively nymphlike and exquisite next to her! The Puppet and I spent all day there and I felt so empowered that I canceled my next therapy session.

What ho!