Friday, October 29, 2010

Dixie Swimming

I headed to Richmond recently for a production of the modern classic, The Dixie Swim Club, at a off-off-Broadway theatre dedicated to the musical CATS. Naturally, at such a feline-inspired theatre, I expected a rousing rendition of something jellical, litter boxes in the bathroom, or at least an all-cat version of Sylvia. Strangely, I experienced none of the above.

The play was a modern commentary on costumes and wigs throughout the ages. Personally, I would never allow myself to be cast in a role where I would play someone OLDER than myself. Truth be known, I could never really be cast as someone who is actually my age. While I don't flatter myself to think I could carry off anything less than 13 convincingly, I also understand that nobody would believe me as a woman in her, well, over 35.

The MOST impressive part of the evening was that these aquatic women would regularly leave the stage to go for a swim in their wigs. I don't know what was more fascinating: the fact that the set included an off-stage ocean or the ability of the women to blow out and set their tresses during a scene change.

And kudos to the actress who actually had to die each night. This part seems especially hard to cast, unless you are paid in advance. I myself tend to only accept parts where I am alive for the curtain call.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I'm Monique, and it's been 72 hours since my last headshot. I know, I know!!! They barely look like me anymore! As such, I am packing my gowns, jewelry, and turbans and heading for Richmond, Virginia for new headshots this weekend.

Why Richmond, you may ask? Well, the Puppet wants to see one of his idols (pictured above), appearing this weekend at Richmond Triangle Players. I thought I'd tag along and utilize some confederate stonework as a background for my new photographs. I thought for a while about using a handmade mosaic of my face as my headshot, and I may still go that route in the future, but until then, it occurred to me that my career would be boosted most profitably by subliminal messages regarding the South.

How, you may ask? Well, allow me . . . the South condoned slavery, handcuffs are metal, metallics bring out my complexion, thank you for the compliment. And please don't pass this around on actor message boards or what-not. Before you know it, EVERYONE will have their headshots done astride the Lee Monument, and I cannot bear imitation. I mean, for heaven's sake, Arthur Ashe never leaves Monument Avenue -- you would think that certainly he's had a good shot taken by now!!

I will post my new masterpieces upon my return.