Saturday, July 23, 2011

My To Do List

1. Install cameras in my house so I can have my own reality show without doing any extra work.

2. Answer fan mail. Dominion Power and Citibank have been ignored long enough.

3. Edit Tony acceptance speech. Three hours is probably a tad long.

4. Select costume for trip to the grocery store. (In need of lettuce, so considering a matchy-matchy green).

5. Finish building box seats & balcony at Richmond Triangle Players for my life story's opening night. Orchestra seats are for the unwashed.

6. Remind everyone that my life story runs for ONLY TWO WEEKENDS at RTP. If you are interested in attending, please make your plans now. Blink and you will miss it!!!

What ho!

Monique (reviewers please note, there is only on "q" in Monique)

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