Monday, July 5, 2010

King James

I am most excited. First, I have learned how to text message. Indeed, it is not all that hard, although truthfully sometimes my fingers slip a little due to the actual grease I am using as Manny. But one must suffer for his art. What ho! another text message to me. Oh, it's from Donny. Poor poor Donny. Oh, Dear. "I hate Aunt Frieda." What does he mean? I must reply. "Try Turmeric as a natural anti inflammatory". Good advice, if not on point.

Speaking of my point or the reason for my excitement. KING JAMES may be coming to new york. It is all the buzz at the theatre. Several of the waitresses have told me that this LeBron James, whoever he is, may become a Knick, whatever that is. The trifles of "the deal" are not as important as the question of whether there is a part for me in King James. I shall call mother immediately.


  1. Oh, sweetie!! You'll be the best Knick ever! It must be in your genes -- your Dad always said he was a big fan of balls.

  2. Let's be serious. WHO learned to text message?

  3. Thank you Mother! You always know just what to say. Mother, has that replacement marionette you ordered from arrived yet?