Sunday, July 11, 2010


On my way to sunny Florida, I stopped off in Richmond, Virginia, to see a production entitled PULP at the Richmond Triangle Players. It seemed apropos since I am traveling to the land of Orange Juice. Unfortunately, I could not spot any citrus of any kind on stage. There was a well stocked bar, to be sure, but not one screwdriver was served.
I was most impressed by the actresses playing lesbians and men and lesbian men. As I play a gender-bending character myself 40 hours a week and overtime during holidays, I can attest to the level of difficulty. I also got the brilliant idea that Manny could wear designer high heels. Why not? It will still be drag, but more in the 40's style apparently.
I politely asked for my money back at the close of the show, explaining that the reason I attended the performance in the first place was so that I could be well versed in all aspects of Florida culture. I was denied a refund, encouraged to participate in a raffle for gift baskets that touted Virginia peanuts and contained no sunshine fruit whatsoever, and eventually left in a huff. Pulp, indeed.


  1. Finding out about Florida is as elusive as finding a loyal Puppet. I had hoped that Pulp Fiction would be the heartwarming story of a young actress's journey to Star Island while drinking orange juice. In fact, I was unable to follow the plot at all because of all the bad wigs worn by the lead characters. Does no one have good fashion sense but me?

  2. Monique, dear, I'm sorry your Florida trip is not quite living up to your expectations, but sweetie, I am totally charmed by a theater that has peanuts! I really think you should consider this little theater in Richmond for your play. I myself have no idea where Richmond is, but I'm sure they would gladly stage a production about the life of a New York star!! I would do it in my living room, you know, but I'm redoing the floors.

  3. Nicki baby, You are such a cut up. A loyal puppet, indeed. I'll have to share that one with Edie Falco when I see her tonight at a cocktail party at JayZ's. You might want to rethink your orange juice quest. How do you think I got my color?