Saturday, July 10, 2010

Star Island

What ho, everybody! The puppet has just told me that King James is not coming to New York. Instead a new production entitled "The Three Kings" will be premiering in Miami in the fall. What ho! I have the puppet working on getting me an audition for the lead female role.

Donny has told me that he is due a vacation from Dr. Walker and he was planning on going to South Beach to check out the scenery. He said we can stay at -- STAR ISLAND. I am humbled that an entire island has been set aside for actual stars of my caliber. Vacations can be so trifling when one is forced to mingle with the commoners.

Everything is falling into place. I have begun my seaweed treatments in preparation for the hot and humid island air.

Now, I must come up with a way to earn bus fare.

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