Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am sad to report that Florida directors are entirely without taste. Not only did I not get cast in "The Three Kings," I did not even get a callback. AND I was actually fined for making heel marks on the floor. Honestly! A shiny wood floor with painted lines and circles is hardly appropriate for a biblical epic. And it's one thing to time an audition, but to have a gigantic clock ticking down to zero is somewhat distracting to say the least.

However, even through all that, my performance as Scarlett in my audition monologue was heartbreaking and . . . well . . . difficult to remember as I was hit in the head with a ball just as I was describing how the "war talk was spoiling all the fun." When I regained consciousness, the Puppet was single-handedly saving Tara from a blazing fire. The fire truck was not exactly period, but I appreciated his commitment to costuming.


  1. I don't know if it was the time or place, but man, Monique, that hoopskirt was STUN-NING!!!

  2. Monique baby, Forget about your audition mia cara! The big news is that I am being given a key to the city tomorrow night for saving you. You're being talked about! Okay, as the "Scarlett Wacko", but it's publicity. Oh, and it's the Four Kings now.